LOTTE VENTURES JAPAN(LVJ) was established in March of 2022 with the purpose of exploring growth areas with high potential and developing new businesses for the sustainable growth of LOTTE Group.

Similar to the history of our LOTTE Group`s founder, who started with chewing gum and expanded the business into products such as chocolate and candy, we hope to accelerate investments into new growth areas, while further developing our existing businesses.

The following are the seven roles that our company aims to fulfill.
(1) Increase access to the startup community and provide new information and trends in a wide range of fields.
(2) Explore new areas to drive LOTTE Group’s growth, expand the business, and create synergies with the existing businesses.
(3) Create new value by collaborating with various external talents and organizations
(4) Foster tolerance to embrace new changes and ideas, including environmental change, diversity, and new technologies.
(5) Break away from a traditional corporate culture that fears failure. Instead, encourage challenge for success, and allow open and vigorous discussions.
(6) Value employees who think and act on their own initiatives and actively take on challenges, and ultimately build human resources and organizations that promote innovation.
(7) Through diverse experiences and new challenges, develop the next generation of managerial talent.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance to Lotte Group and our company.

Chairman Takashi Sawada