LOTTE was founded in 1948 when our founder, Takeo Shigemitsu, started manufacturing and selling chewing gum.
Today we have grown into a company that manufactures chocolates, candies, biscuits, as well as ice cream. Our business have become even more diversified as we now focus on a wide range of fields, from restaurant and hotel businesses, to baseball team management.
We have continued to carry on the spirit of our founder, and established three core values we focus on: “user-oriented,” “quality,” and “originality”. These values have served as the foundation of our corporate activities and continue to shape LOTTE Group today.

Based on the philosophy of LOTTE Group We contribute to the enrichment of the people`s lives around the world by providing better products and services that are loved and trusted by everyone. we are committed to supporting companies with advanced technologies and unique business models in order to provide new value to society and contribute to the well-being of people`s lives.